Listening and Responding: Social Media Dialog vs. Corporate Monologues

In a world of talking heads, newsletters, and email blasts, we’ve become accustomed to listening to what others say.  Responding, however, has been reduced to screaming at the TV, deleting the email, or recycling the newsletter.

How many newsletters and email blasts did your company send last quarter?  How much time did it take an employee to design, write, and publish the letter or blast?  How much did that cost you?

Traditional, Us to Them marketing strategies are flawed in two major ways:

1)   Customers no longer trust what you say about your product.  Lets face it, today’s population is picky and trust is earned over time.  “I have so many options, why should I listen to you?!  Of course YOU think your product is great…”

2)   Us to Them campaigns don’t give the customer a chance to respond.  Us to Them marketing is, at the end of the day, a monlogue.  It’s talking without listening.

Trust is marketing gold.  Without trust, any claim you make about your service or product is…well… who cares…they don’t trust you.  A recent CNN poll suggested that only 25% of the American population trusts the government , our trust in religious leaders is eroding, and even our trust in science is wavering as people reject proven vaccinations as part of a child’s basic health care.   This is a skeptical consumer base!

So who do they trust?

Today, consumers are more likely to trust their neighbor or the guy they sat next to on the subway, then you.  Recently, a friend told me about her Amazon Kindle.  I’ve seen it on tv and seen the sales pitches…I never wanted one until she told me how great it was.  Maybe I should rephrase this…”she” didn’t “tell” me.  We never met face to face and “talked” about it—she updated her Facebook status one day.   I commented on her status and asked her to elaborate—she did.  Now I want one.

I had a dialogue with my friend.  Before, I was only listening to a monologue from Amazon.  Imagine if I could have a dialog with Amazon…well, I can…on their Facebook page.

Not only is Social Media the world’s largest referral program, but having a dialogue with your customers via a well managed Social Media site tells the customer that you’re available, you care, and you’re listening and you’re willing to respond.

A well-managed Social Media campaign can make sure your company offers an open dialog in a world of screaming monologues.  All we have to do is listen…and respond.

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